Silicone PAINT C01 ХТРА

Silicone PAINT C01 ХТРА


The base surface should be dry and strong, cleaned out of greasy stains and residues of shuttering oils. When applying over newly laid plaster coatings, the contraction processes should have faded away. Upon working with old putties the prior base surface treatment with deep penetrating primer is required. Any existent crumbly parts should be eliminated in advance and the base surface should be treated with deep penetrating primer.




It is applied by means of a paint brush, a roll or a gun.


For façades painting. An ideal protective and decorative coating for new and old facades, plaster and concrete, decorative elements, etc.


  • Extremely high coating power and excellent adhesion
  • Forms water resistant, steam conductive, self-cleaning coating with high elasticity
  • Formation of a mat film

CONSUMPTION RATE: 100-140 g/m² per layer

PACKAGE: 25 kg and 5 kg packages


The package should be stirred before usage. Operation at temperatures below 5°C is prohibited. During the aplication process the surface should be protected against rain. The tools will be washed-up with water immediately after usage. In case of a contact with the skin, wash immediately (though the substances used in the Silicone paint meet all the sanitary and medical norms for harmlessness), since the Silicon paint polymerizes (dries up) and its elimination at a later stage becomes more difficult. Adding other materials is not admissible, except for toning pastes.

Silicone PAINT C01 ХТРА