ProVELLUTO plaster

ProVELLUTO plaster

This product is distinguished by its shining metallic surface with beautiful velvet effect. It is easy to apply allows whole walls or single elements to be structured. Its adhesion to the place of application is perfect and its resistance to abrasion is good too; an optimal balance between steam permeability and water resistance.

ProVELLUTO is a specific puttying material of interior application. It contains acrylic resin, special surface-treated colorants with metallic effect, both organic and inorganic colorants and special rheological additives. The product is resistant to abrasion, steam-permeable, non-toxic, not inflammable and innocuous to humans and environment.


It is suitable for the decoration of interiors.


It must be applied using an inox trowel with smooth movements. The effect of different light refraction is achieved by the direction of movement of the trowel and the inequality of the strokes. This way, on the decorated surface shining and matt segments with velvet effect are alternating.


The wall must be well puttied. Before application, the surface must be well cleaned from dust and not bonded particles. ProFUNDIS primer is to be applied twice before hand, and colored latex (in conformity with the color of the plaster).


The contents of the package must be well stirred before use. Environmental temperatures lower than 5oC and higher than 30oC are not suitable. After application, the tools must be immediately washed. In case of skin contact, the place must be immediately washed with water (although the substances contained in PROVELLUTO comply with all the sanitary safety and innocuousness standards, it will dry up and its removal will be difficult). The addition of other materials is inadmissible.


Dilution: ready to use.

Covering capacity: 200 – 300 g/m2 approx. (depending on the number of layers applied).

Application tools: stainless steel spatula or plastering trowel.

Application tools: inox trowel

Application temperature: from 10oC to 30oC (relative air humidity not higher than 80%).

Time of drying to the touch: 30 minutes approx. (at t = 20oC and relative humidity 80% approx.).

Full drying: 1 day (at t = 20oC and relative humidity 80% approx.).

Specific gravity: 1120 kg/m3 ± 3%.

Viscosity: 22.00 – 30.000 CPS Brookfield (at t = 25oC and RVT = 20 rev/min.)

Cleaning agent for the tools: water

Color range: specially developed tone card

Shelf life: 1 year


In dry premises, at a temperature from 5 °C to 30 °C. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight at storage.

ProVELLUTO plaster