Decorative plaster with the effect of precious stones covering is applicable to both interior and exterior works.


Before application the surface shall be cleaned up from dust and unattached particles. Two coats of grout  ProFundis are applied as primer, whereat the second coat shall be applied after drying up of the first layer

APLICATION    To be applied with plastering trowel in one layer with thickness 1-2mm

DECORATION   After applying a layer with the desired thickness, the surface is processed by means of relief paint pad. After drying up of the applied layer, transparent tinted latex ProGlazes is spread further on it, which is processed by means of plastic/rubber raquel or sponge.

RECOMMENDATION     The container shall be shaken before use. Avoid working at temperatures lower than 5 °C. After use the instruments are rinsed immediately with water. In case of contact with the skin immediately rinse thoroughly with water (despite that substances the used in Our Brand comply with all sanitary and medical norms of safety, it dries up and its removal subsequently is impeded). No adding of any other materials is allowed.

APPLICATION RATE approximately 1.2 ÷ 1,6 kg/ sq.m – depending on the thickness of the layer.

USE BEFORE: 1 year

STORAGE  In dry premises, at a temperature from 5 °C to 30 °C. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight at storage.

PACKING  10 kg, 20 kg packs

Travertino Facade Plaster


Dilution Ready for use
Application tools plastering trowel
Application temperature from 10 °C to 30 °C (at relative humidity of the air not  еxceeding 80%)


Drying time on palpation approximately 3 hours (at temperature 20 °C and relative humidity of the air of approximately 80%)
Full drying 1 day (at temperature 20 °C and relative humidity of 80%)
Viscosity     18 000 ÷ 22 000 CPS Brookfield (at temperature 25 °C and RVT 20 vol./min)
Tools cleaning with water
Color range white to achieve any specific color, an additional layer of transparent die tinted into the desirable color according to the catalogue must be applied.