This protective paint complies with the requirements of BDS (Bulgarian State Standard) EN 1504-2 with reference to concrete protection.

Type: acrylic water-dispersion paint

Scope of application:

Decorative and protective coating for concrete structures, submitted to strain and plasters on cement base.

Preparation of the base:

The base must be dry and sound, free of oil stains and residues of shuttering oils. In case of old plasters, the primer must be obligatorily treated beforehand by deeply penetrating primer.

If old layers of paints and coatings, not strong enough exist, they must be previously removed ant the surface shall be treated by a deeply-penetrating prime. Note: primed surface must not be “glossy”.


Apply using paint brush, roller or spray on two – three layers


The content of the package must be stirred before using. Optimal temperature range of application: 10°C – 30°C. and environmental humidity must not exceed 85%. Once used, the tools must be immediately washed with water. Any addition of any other substances to the ready product is not admitted.

Consumption rate : 125 -150 g/m² per layer

Storage: In dry places, at 5°C – 30°C. Avoid direct sunlight.


Technical characteristics:

Density 1400 kg/m3 ± 3%
Aspect Homogeneous liquid
Drying time about 2 hours (at t=20°С and relative air humidity и lower than 80%)
Full layer-forming time 24 hours (at t=20°С and relative air humidity и lower than 80%)
pH 6,6 – 7,6
Emission of volatile organic compounds in conformity Maximum content of VOC (volatile organic compounds)for this product (category: А/v) is 40g/l
Color range White or tinted according to a catalogue in the desired color
Coefficient of waterpermeability 0,001 kg/m2.h0.5 (БДС EN 1062-3:2008)
The carry of water vapour 0,15m (БДС EN ISO 7783:2011)
Adhesion under load in strength


2,37 N/mm² (БДС EN  1542:2002)
Permeability CO₂ 120m (БДС EN 1062-6:2005)
Information regarding the existing regulations in force S – phrases of safety use:

S2: Keep away from children.

S24/25: Avoid eye and skin contact.

S26: In case of contact with the eyes, to wash using plenty of water and to ask for medical advise.

S28: After skin contact, wash with plenty of water and soap.

Shelf life: see the cover of the bucket.