ProFUNDIS SUPRA Primer for VENEZIANO plaster

ProFUNDIS SUPRA Primer for VENEZIANO plaster




A primer for equalize of the base.


  • Impregnate, reinforce and equalize the absorption properties of the base
  • improves the adhesion of the upper layer with the base

Preparation of the base:

The base must be dry, free of oil stains and residues of shuttering oils.  Old, incoherent coatings must be removed.


Apply using paint brush, roller or spray.


Do not work at temperatures lower of 5°C . After application, the tools must be immediately washed with water. In case of skin contact, the place must be washed as soon as possible (notwithstanding the substances used in PROFUNDIS the interior paint comply with all sanitary and medical safety regulations), as the paint polymerizes (dies up) and becomes difficult to be removed. Addition of other materials to the ready mortar is inadmissible

Application rate  : 150 g/m² per layer

Expiry term: 1 year

Storage: In dry places, at 5°C – 30°C. Avoid direct sunlight.

Package  1 kg  and 5 kg packs

ProFUNDIS SUPRA Primer for VENEZIANO plaster