ProARTIS plaster

ProARTIS plaster

ProARTIS is a decorative plaster on acrylic substrate, used to achieve nice “marble” effect – more famous
s Venetian Plaster. It is characterised with colour blending into one or close tonalities and has mild gleams of light on the surface.
ProARTIS is supplied on the market in rich colour palette. By means of the various colour solutions we can dip in the spirit of the tradition and jointly with this the decorated walls may have exclusively contemporary vision. The specific composition of the plaster allows to achieve easily both classical gloss surface and matt or lustreless surface.
The skilful alternating and combination of surfaces with various degree of reflection of light contributes to the unique sense of grace and comfort.
ProARTIS has excellent adhesion to the substrate and is applied with minimal efforts. This quality makes it extremely valuable not only to master painters, but also to everyone who is willing to deploy his imagination.
ProARTIS emphasizes the individuality of each premise, by creating a sense of style and comfort by satisfying both the classical and the most vanguard creative ideas in terms of the interior. The product is non-flammable and non-toxic to humans and to the environment.


Decorative plaster on acrylic substrate, used to achieve “marble” effect in the various colour solutions. The plaster possesses excellent steam permeability and prevents the formation of mould and mildew. The product is non-flammable and non-toxic to humans and to the environment.


For interior decoration.


The substrate should be well cleaned up and should have no grease on it. Two coats are applied.
Grout DENEL ProFUNDIS , whereas the second coat is applied after drying up of the first coat. In this way good cohesion between the plaster and the substrate is achieved.


The product is applied usually in three stainless steel spatula inox for Venetian Plaster.
1. First coat – applied evenly and left to dry up for about 10 ÷ 12 hours.
2. Second coat – fine layer is applied
at masks until completely smooth surface is achieved. The finished layer is left to dry up for approximately
6 ÷ 8 hours.
3. Third coat – super fine masks are applied, whereat the surface is polished with the edge of plastering trowel or stainless steel spatula.


The plaster is dried up completely in 4 days, after which DENEL ProGlacis (sealing surface layer) may be applied.


100 ÷ 150 g/sq.m for one layer


1 year

ProARTIS plaster


Dilutition: ready for use
Application  tools: stainless steel spatula or plastering trowel
Application temperatratrature: from 10 °C to 36 °C (at relative humidity of the air not exceeding 80%)
Complete drdrying up: 4 days (at temperature 20 °C and relative humidity of 80%)
Cleaning of the tools: with water
Specific weight: 1.5 kg/cu.m ± 3%
Viscositity: 60 000 ÷ 80 000 CPS Brookfield (at temperature 25 °C and RVT 20 vol./min)
Storage: In dry premises, at a temperature from 5 °C to 30 °C. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight at storage