ProANTICO plaster

ProANTICO plaster

ProANTICO is a relief plaster, intended to be used in interior solutions. The original relief, which is achieved resembles the walls of antique building or the simple beauty of velvet fabrics.
ProANTICO emphasizes the individuality of each room, by creating a sense of uniqueness and comfort.
The product satisfies both the classical and the most advanced creative ideas in terms of your interior. The specific composition of the product makes it appropriate for decoration both of the home and public buildings (offices, hotels, business centres, restaurants, salons, etc.). It is applied extremely easily and provides opportunity for structuring whole walls or separate components. ProANTICO has excellent adhesion to the substrate
and high resistance to wearing, optimal balance between steam permeability and watertight. It provides the opportunities to use large variety of decorative techniques.

ProANTICO  contains acrylate resin, calcium- magnesium aluminium-silicate sealants and specific rheological additives. It is applied with brush or paint roller, after which it undergoes secondary processing with a paint pad or plastic plastering trowel. The product is resistant to wearing and is permeable
to steam. It is non-toxic.


Preparation of the Substrate

Before application the surface has to be cleaned up from dust and unattached particles. Two coats of grout DENEL ProFUNDIS are applied, then the second coat is applied after drying up of the primer paint coat.


The application of ProANTICO shall be done evenly with a paint roller with long hair, brush or plastic plastering trowel. The thickness of the applied paint layer is determined by the selected secondary technique for decoration. Before drying up the material is processed with various instruments according to the desired effect of the finish.

Additional Decoration

After drying up of the applied primer layer, on the decorated surface can be applied further latex for interior. To achieve rustic effect on the surface is applied transparent tinted latex DENEL ProGLA ZЕS.

Application rate : approximately 500 ÷ 800 g/sq.m – in case of single coat application (depending on the relief)

ProANTICO plaster


Dilution: ready for use
Application tools: paint brush or paint roller with medium length hair
Tools for surface processing: paint pad, plastic plastering trowel, etc.
Application temperature: from 10 °C to 30 °C (at relative humidity of the air not exceeding 80%)
Drying time at touch: 3 hours (at temperature 20 °C and relative humidity of the air of app. 80%)
Complete drying up: 7 days (at temperature 20 °C and relative humidity of 80%)
Specific weight: 1 300 kg/cu.m ± 3 %
Viscosity: 18 000 ÷ 22 000 CPS Brookfield (at temperature 25 °C and RVT 20 vol./min)
Cleaning up of the tools: with water
Colour range: white
Storage: In dry premises, at a temperature from 5 °C to 30 °C.
Keep away from direct exposure to sunlight.