OF APPLICATION: High-resistant, dilatation-controlling grout, purposed for precise grouting of beams, columns, anchor bolts, foundation frames and plates of heavy machines and equipment. Provides non-shrink repairs and anticorrosive protection with ready-made panels, for potable water tanks and facilities.


  • Non-shrink grout, of perfect fluidity properties and controlled dilatation, providing complete filling of closed areas for excellent grouting and repairs
  • High initial and end strength
  • Long-time grouting and hardening process after 90 minutes
  • Freeze-thaw resistance and resistant to defrosting substances
  • Water, oil, and petrol-product resisting properties
  • Low water/cement proportion
  • Safe in both indoor and outdoor use


CONDITIONING OF THE STRUCTURE: Structure must be hard,, well cleaned from dust, greasy spots and impurities. Any unstable particles must be removed by sandblasting, sand-water jets or by mechanical scrapping. The so prepared structure must be lavishly poured (preferably 12 – 24 hours beforehand) using clean water until it is uniformly absorbed, without any water rests on the surface. The component supposed to be grouted must be mounted and fixed. Compacts and non-elastic frameworks must be used. Casing must be sound, firmly fixed and tight to avoid any leakage of the grout.

PREPARATION OF GROUT: On 25 kg package is to be mixed with 4.0 liters of water. Into a suitable, smooth-wall container, ¾ of the necessary quantity of pure water is to be poured, and then the dry material must be added in portions and stirred by a machine with adequate attachment until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Then add the rest portion of water and go on stirring until the solution acquires the proper body. The solution must remain for 3-4 min. and then, after restirring, it will be ready for application.

APPLICATION: The grout must be continuously applied on one side or one angle only, to avoid air involvement into it. If it is poured on large areas, it is recommendable to begin from the center and a funnel and/or a hose. The apertures of the anchor bolts must be poured on first, then the foundation of the facility. The grout can be applied mechanically too, using standard concrete-mortar-grout pumps.

During the drying period, excessive water evaporation due to high temperature, sun and wind must be avoided. The solution must be protected against freezing too.

The air/foundation temperature during application must be from 5oC to 30oC.


Addition to other materials to the ready grout is inadmissible.

Strictly observe the correct quantity of water!

CONSUMPTION RATE: The consumption rate of the material mixed with water is about 2.0 kg/dm3


STORAGE: Store at dry and ventilated place



Н 315 – May cause skin irritation, Н 317 – May cause an allergic skin reaction, Н 318 – Causes serious eye damage, Н 335 – May cause respiratory irritation

Р 261 – Avoid powder inhalation, Р 271 – To be used only in the open air or at well ventilated places, Р 304 + Р 340 – If inhaled, take the sufferer to fresh air, Р 312 – Incase of indisposition, call the Toxicology Center, Р 302 + Р 352 – In case of skin contact, wash using plenty of water, Р 280 – Use protective gloves, protective clothing and protective glasses, Р 332 + Р 313 – In case of skin irritation, ask for medical aid, Р305 + Р351 + Р338 – In case of eye contact, wash carefully with water for several minutes. Take off the contact lenses, if any, and go on washing, Р 333 + Р 313 – In case of skin irritation or rash, ask for medical advice

ISO 9001:2008