DENEB AD (JSC) is a Bulgarian family company founded in 1990 and since 2000 it is one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of dry building mixtures on cement basis: more than 40 products and capacity of 20 tons per hour. These products are known under the trade name of DENEL.

In 2009, the most modern installation in Bulgaria for dry fractioned silicon sand was commissioned.

Our Company is a leading manufacturer of high-quality interior and exterior paints and plasters.

DENEL Venetian plasters enable designers and artists to use classical patterns of interior design and to recreate the prestigious style of the Renaissance: VENEZIANO  and ProARTIS.

For modern interior and exterior solutions, the structural paints with metallic effect ProMETALICO and plasters imitating stone covers: TRAVERTINO, ProANTICO and Pro VELLUTO are attracting more and more the attention.


The DENEL factory for dry building mixtures is situated in the village of Ravno Pole, close to Sofia and it has been constructed according to a German preliminary design and equipped by ALLGAIER company. The computerized management system uses a Canadian software and any human error is absolutely excluded. More than 70 products have been developed and 40 of them are in production.

Within DENEL dry building mixtures factory, a unique installation for drying and fractioning of silicon sand was commissioned with fractions from 0 to 5 mm. The production capacity of this system is of 20 tons per hour and 120 000 tons of annual capacity.

Permanent stock of dry building mixtures of 1 000 tons are available, as well as 1 400 tons of dry fractioned sand.

factory has its own laboratory performing permanent inlet and outlet quality control. The production of all DENEL products possess ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate issued by TUV Thuringen.

DENEB JSC maintains the highest quality and complex service to its clients combined with the complementation of the product range which shall continue also in the future.