ХИ 02 Bicomponent water insulation

ХИ 02 Bicomponent water insulation




For water insulation of swimming pools and other facilities used to keep water or other liquids, especially for non-covered terraces and open areas, as well as for humid premises, bathrooms, covered terraces, etc.


  • quick and easy application
  • perfect adhesion to substrates
  • very high elasticity
  • Water impermeability
  • environmentally friendly product

Thickness of the layer: 2-2.5 mm

Previous treatment of the ground

The surface must be clean, dustproof and without any kind of other pollution. Porous surfaces, such as YTONG, plasterboard etc., must be previously primed by DENEL deep-penetrating PRIME COAT.


Five liters of water are to be poured into a recipient of smooth walls, the content of one pack of dry mixture is to be added in a piecemeal manner stirring by a mixer, then the liquid component is to be added, which is 4.8 kg for one 20-kg package, and then the mixture is to be stirred again until a homogeneous mass is obtained. The air temperature must be between   5°С and 25°С.


The water-insulating coat is then manually applied using a brush or plasterboard at least at two layers of maximum thickness of 2 mm. The applied material must be protected from rain and frost for 24 hours after application.


Addition of other materials to the ready mortar is inadmissible

Application rate

about  1.15 kg per 1 m² , 1mm of thickness


1 year

ХИ 02 Bicomponent water insulation ХИ 02 Bicomponent water insulation

Grit rate to 0,3mm
Volumetric density 1950kg/m³
Compressive strength 23,0 МРа BDS EN 1015-11
Bending strength 7,2 МРа BDS EN 1015-11
Bulk density 1015kg/m³
Adhesion strength to substrate 2,5N/mm² BDS EN 1015-12
Water impermeability at 2 atmospheres during 72 hours in case of 2.5 mm of thickness of the layer water impermeable BDS EN 1015-19