ПН01 Self-leveling floor coating

ПН01 Self-leveling floor coating




A self-leveling mixture for precise leveling of concrete and other floors. A perfect substrate for end coverings: parquet, laminate, terracotta, Brussels carpets, linoleum. This material achieves a perfect horizontal surface, but it is not applicable to sloped areas.


  • Easy to apply
  • Perfect free-flowing
  • Easy to mix
  • Quick adherence
  • Perfect smoothing
  • Perfect abrasion resistance
  • Environmentally friendly product

Thickness of the layer: from1  to 5 mm

Previous treatment of the ground

The surface of the substrate must be dry, sound and very well cleaned. There must be no sand, dist, greasy stains, gypsum, gravel grains and any other polluters on it. If the substrate is poriferous, it must be treated by a PRIME COAT. If there are any cracks, the must be previously filled.


A pack of 25 kg is to be stirred in 6.5 L of water and the obtained mixture is to be applied on about 8 m² of area and 2mm of thickness. The temperature of the water must not exceed 20°С.

The exact quantity of water necessary to dissolve one package must be poured to a recipient of smooth walls, then the dry mixture is added and after it is stirred by a mechanic stirrer /or manually/ till a homogeneous, soft, plastic and smooth mixture is obtained. The mortar must be re-stirred from time to time.

The machine-tooled preparation of the mixture takes place in specialized plastering machines with suitable nozzles.


The solution is poured in thin spouts using a 5-liter cannikin to the previously prepared dry and sound substrate in strips of about 20-40 cm. And, to immediately evacuate the air and make the mixture adhere to the floor, it is fractioned under pressure using a needle roller in different directions and this way it is also finally spread on the floor. When the needle roller is removed, the solution remains self-leveled in the respective place. The whole area must be laid at once.  The contact area between both batches must be well treated. In machine preparation of the solution its application takes place using a hose and the spreading: as in manual application. The temperature of the floor mast be over 5°С, and of the inside air: over 10°С, but not over 25°С. It is very important no air current to be present inside during the works and 24 hours after.


Addition of other materials to the ready mortar is inadmissible

Application rate  1.5 kg of dry mixture for 1 m² of 1 mm of thickness


1 year


To be stored at dry and ventilated place.

ПН01 Self-leveling floor coating

Grit rate to  0,3mm
Volumetric density >1500kg/m³
Compressive strength 43,4N/mm² BDS EN 13892-2
Tensile strength in bending 7,7N/mm² BDS EN 13892-2
Strength of adhesion to concrete 1,8N/mm² BDS EN 13892-8
Capillary water absorption kg/m². min 0,5 0,0039 BDS EN 13892-18
Endurance cm³/50 cm² 9,83 BDS EN 13892-3