МФ 06 Scraped facade plaster

МФ 06 Scraped facade plaster




Outdoor, decorative, scraped, water-repellent plaster for the application on lime-cement lining rehabilitating plasters and as a finishing layer on DENEL heat-insulating systems.


  • Easy to mix
  • Water-repellent
  • High parapermeability
  • Resistant to atmospheric impacts
  • Environmentally friendly product

Thickness of the layer: 2-2.5 mm

Previous treatment of the ground

The ground must be dry, hard, and well-cleaned from pollutions: dist, greasy spots, etc. Porous grounds and grounds of heterogeneous structure need to be treated by DENEL PRIME COAT to equalize water absorption. Otherwise, the plaster applied may acquire a heterogeneous color.


A pack of 25 kg is to be stirred in 5.5 L of water and the obtained mixture is to be applied on about 6.60 m² of area and 2.5 mm of thickness. The exact quantity of water necessary for one pack must be poured to a deep recipient with even walls in a piecemeal manner and stirred till a soft, homogeneous mixture is obtained. The mortar must be re-stirred from time to time.


To organize better the application, it is desirable a team of two plasterers to perform the work. The first plasterer shall manually apply the mortar using a mortarboard within 30 min after the preparation of the mortar. As soon as the first 1 to 1.5 m² are covered by the first plasterer, the second shall smooth and scrape in accordance with the desired structure by horizontal, vertical or circular movements/frictions using a plastic trowel.

The first plasterer must not go faster than the second one by more than 1.5 m².

The application must take place on a dry prime coat and at temperature between 5°С to 25°С. To avoid working in case of direct and strong sun shining on facades and during the work, and 1-2 hours after application.


Use the whole content of the pack to prepare the mixture. Do not additionally wet the plaster during its treatment!

Addition of other materials to the ready mortar is inadmissible.

Strictly observe the determined water quantity!

Application rate

3.8 kg of dry mixture for 1m², grit rate 2.5mm


1 year


To be stored at dry and ventilated place.

МФ 06 Scraped facade plaster

Grit rate to 2,5mm
Volumetric density 1300kg/m³
Compressive strength 6,7N/mm² BDS EN 1015-11
Tensile strength in bending 2,8N/mm² BDS EN 1015-11
Capillary water absorption Kg/m².min 0.5 0.002 BDS EN 1015-18
Adhesion strength to substrate 3,2N/mm² BDS EN 1015-12
Water steam passage rate µ – kg/m².s.Pa 5,8.10ˉ¹² BDS EN 1015-19